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  • Spine and Sport
  • Trade Center

Spine & Sport
Pooler, GA

Marchese Construction has built its reputation on providing quality and competitively-priced construction services. In 2009, we teamed with Spine and Sport to create a state-of-the-art rehabilitation facility in Rincon, Georgia. When Spine & Sport wanted a facility in Pooler, Georgia, Marchese Construction was honored to work with them again in 2013. We’ve created an environment that is needed to improve not only the productivity of those who seek the best source for physical therapy and post orthopedic surgery rehabilitation, but also a functional workspace that improves productivity and tenant satisfaction.

[ For photos of a sample of all of our current and past projects, please visit our gallery page. ]


Savannah International Trade and Convention Center
Savannah, GA

The Savannah International Trade and Convention Center is one of the nation’s premier meeting destinations, hosting a myriad of events each year. As part of its appeal to accommodate expos and trades shows on a grander scale, the Georgia International @ Maritime Trade Center authority contracted Marchese Construction to remove a portion of the exterior wall of the Exhibit Hall and install a hangar door and exterior access ramp. This new 45 ft by 30 ft tall bi-fold door opens three different ways to allow the entry of airplanes and large boats into the 100sq ft. customizable exhibit space.

[ For photos of a sample of all of our current and past projects, please visit our gallery page. ]



  • Fairfield Inn
  • Westside Business Park
  • IEM Dyno
  • OA LogistiPort Phase III
  • OA LogistiPort Phase IV

Fairfield Inn Interior Renovation
Savannah, GA

We teamed with Image Hotels to renovate the Breakfast and Lobby areas at the Fairfield Inn & Suites near the Savannah International Airport. Using the existing area’s square footage, we added a new Coffee area and Business Center area. A new faux fireplace with El Dorado stones gives a natural focal point as soon as the guests enter the Lobby. Upon entering the Lobby, a beautiful and vivid color scheme ushers the guests into the Breakfast area for eating and socializing. Banquet areas were integrated into the space. We were able to building walls and soffits to create the space, while Image Hotel supplied the furniture. The walls and ceiling renovation used a combination of flat paint, egg shell paint, and specified vinyl wall covering. The breakfast bar has new Black Pearl granite countertops, Empire Mahogany backsplash, and vinyl graphics which add great character to the space. We were able to complete the renovations without interrupting guest stay. This was a great project, and we look forward to teaming with Image Hotel for future projects.

[ For photos of a sample of all of our current and past projects, please visit our gallery page. ]


Westside Business Park

Westside Business Park, location of the Marchese Construction office, has some concrete catch basins that have been damaged throughout the years. The concrete catch basins funnel access storm water from the auxiliary roads in the business park to the storm water drainage underground.

We are working with the owners of the business park to replace the damaged concrete catch basins. Since each existing concrete catch basins have different shapes and sizes, wooden forms were used to create the curved surfaces for the catch basin replacements. There will be eight concrete catch basins replaced around the business park.

[ For photos of a sample of all of our current and past projects, please visit our gallery page. ]


IEM Dyno

In Pooler, GA, IEM is an industrial company that rebuilds electric motors for large industrial equipment. After rebuilding each electric motor, IEM needs to test the electric motor to make sure that the motor’s horsepower output is up to industrial standards.

We worked with IEM to build a 6’x8’ steel Dyno-plate that is recessed into a concrete slab. The concrete slab is 2' 6" thick to absorb the vibrations from the Dyno-plate. The Dyno-plate anchors the electric motor down for testing by use of straps with “T’s” at the end. The “T’s” are twisted into the grooves to lock the electric motor in place. A Dyno-tester is lowered into the concrete slot in front of the plate to read the output from each motor.

[ For photos of a sample of all of our current and past projects, please visit our gallery page. ]


OA LogistiPort Phase III

JLA Home is expanding within their existing tilt-up concrete panel building. Phase III is a 2600 sq. ft. office space expansion. This expansion will have a new break room, cubical office area, office rooms, and new individual bathrooms.

In addition, there will be a warehouse office and two large bathrooms built in the middle of the building. This new addition will be built on the front wall for a check-in/out station for the distribution of JLA Home products.

[ For photos of a sample of all of our current and past projects, please visit our gallery page. ]


OA LogistiPort Phase IV

We are installing new edge of dock and pit levelers in the existing truck bays to help with the growing distribution of their products. Along the North and South Elevations, there are 23 new pit levelers and 72 edge of docks. There will be 400 cubic yards of concrete used to create the edge of docks and embedded around the new pit levelers.

[ For photos of a sample of all of our current and past projects, please visit our gallery page. ]


  • Bloomingdale Fire
  • Old Town Trolley
  • Towne Salon
  • 6555 Abercorn
  • OA LogistiPort I & II
  • Messiah Lutheran

Bloomingdale Fire Station
Bloomingdale, GA

The new Bloomingdale Fire Station is a 9,600 sq. ft. Nucor pre-engineered rigid frame structured building. The brick exterior is designed to handle 110 mph winds that are common along the Low Country coast.

The fire station features (6) clear-paneled truck doors that open to a 5760 sq. ft. fire truck bay. In the truck bay, Armorseal’s Pearl Gray epoxy was layered over primer epoxy mixed w/sand to add durability and safety to the concrete flooring for the firefighters.

[ For photos of a sample of all of our current and past projects, please visit our gallery page. ]


Old Town Trolley
Savannah, GA

This new Old Town Trolley location is in the old Industrial District of Savannah. The existing building needed interior renovations for Old Town Trolley to move into the building. We were able to remove some interior walls and fill in interior windows to create solid walls. Once the wall renovations were done, we painted the walls green, re-carpeted the flooring, and installed solid core doors for the offices. Some of the office doors were custom made to accommodate each manager’s needs. The doors received glass lites ranging from a solid core door w/half lite to a solid core door w/full lite.

[ For photos of a sample of all of our current and past projects, please visit our gallery page. ]



Towne Salon
Savannah, GA

At Towne Salon, Marchese Construction was called in to provide structural repairs, after the front wall was found to be separating from the structure. After consultation with a structural engineer, the building was jacked back to plumb, and the wall was tied with metal straps back to the roof framing. A new stem wall was built under the exiting ridge to transfer some of the load down to the foundation. Additional bracing was added in the crawl space to accommodate the new load path. After the structural work was completed, the interior finishes were brought back to a like new condition. The work was performed with no interruption of the Salon schedule.

[ For photos of a sample of all of our current and past projects, please visit our gallery page. ]



Rincon, GA

BPEY Phase II is an expansion project that is located in front of the main BPEY building in Towne Park West Commerce, Rincon, GA. The brick building was pre-existing with two unoccupied side-by-side bays and neighboring tenants on either side of the bays. One side was a doctor’s office and the other side was open space. The client needed two openings to be able to access both spaces within the interior of the building. With renovations to the old floor layout, we were able to work with the client to design a space that would accommodate classrooms for their future training program. For consistency, we used many of the interior design features that we used in the previous BPEY project.

[ For photos of a sample of all of our current and past projects, please visit our gallery page. ]



6555 Abercorn
Savannah, GA

The Abercorn Center is a plaza with individual businesses within one building.

The building’s stucco façade is being renovated to extend out for a more prominent main entrance. There will be four architectural columns added to the new addition to support the archway for the new main entrance. Structural steel will be extended from the existing I-beam columns to the new column to support the archway. In addition, the width of the existing columns on the front façade will be increased to enhance aesthetics.

[ For photos of a sample of all of our current and past projects, please visit our gallery page. ]



OA LogistiPort Phases I & II

JLA Home, a textiles company, opened a manufacturing division in Pooler, Georgia. This project features a 28,350 sq. ft. pre-engineered metal building inside of an existing 689,000 sq. ft. tilt-up concrete building with a metal roof decking. The finished interior space has a 2,209 sq.ft. office area with an acoustical drop-in ceiling with various heights. Auxiliary columns were added to support the wall created to define the 23,100 sq. ft. light assembly area which has a Max Rib metal panel ceiling system.

The remaining un-finished area will be used as storage space and for future expansion.

[ For photos of a sample of all of our current and past projects, please visit our gallery page. ]


Messiah Lutheran Church

The Messiah Lutheran Church has a gorgeous church complex on Skidaway Island, GA. Marchese Construction teamed with the church to provide a new monument sign to replace the old sign in front of the church.

The new monument sign is 14’ long and 8’ tall. The sign has approximately 570 bricks with mortar joints. The finishes on the sign were designed to match the colors on the existing church building. To reduce environmental impact of the project, we were able to preserve the old signage, and re-use it in a different location on the church property.

[ For photos of a sample of all of our current and past projects, please visit our gallery page. ]


  • Rincon Booster Pump
  • Dole Food Warehouse
  • Deemer, Dana, and Froehle
  • BPEY

Rincon Booster Pump Station
Rincon, GA

Marchese Construction was the General Contractor for the vertical construction of the new Rincon Booster Pump Station.

The building is block with a brick veneer to match existing structures. It is covered with metal bar joists, metal decking and a built up roof. The project includes an emergency transfer switch and water testing equipment. Pinpoint accuracy was needed to locate the pump on two 8 inch water lines.

Coordination between the city, the county, the site/piping contractor and Marchese Construction was flawless - resulting in a project that was completed on time and on budget.

Dole Food Warehouse
Pooler, GA

Marchese Construction was the General Contractor for the recent 90,000 square foot expansion at the Dole Warehouse in Pooler.

We were very happy to work on a LEED certified warehouse project, and were able to recycle the concrete removed to install the pit levelers in keeping with the spirit of the project.

The project included electrical and mechanical upgrades that improve the efficiency of the warehouse.

Deemer Dana & Froehle
Garden City, GA

It is all about the taking care of the little things first. That is exactly the approach that we took to solving the punchlist that Deemer, Dana, and Froehle had. The major project was the water fountain at the front of the building. We had to level and clean the fountain to restore it to the proper working order. From there, we dealt with interior situations like washing the windows, repainting the break room with Scrubbable paint, and designed and fabricated a custom copper backsplash for the interior fountain.

From the client:
"We are probably one of Joe’s smaller clients, with a punch list of problems left from the original builder. Yet, Joe and his staff made us feel as though we were priority #1 for them. That level of personal care and attention to detail is almost unheard of these days, and is very much appreciated.

"The large monument fountain out front was probably the biggest issue we had, and one that our clients saw upon arrival. The installer of the fountain could never seem to get it fixed, and had excuses piled on top of excuses. Joe’s team arrived and in short order had the fountain cleaned, taken apart, rewired, leveled and running beautifully!"

"We have thoroughly enjoyed working with, and getting to know Joe Marchese and his staff. "

-- Angela Kinner ~ Deemer Dana & Froehle LLP

Rincon, GA

BPEY is a community facility located in Towne Park West Commerce, Rincon, GA. The brick building was pre-existing with only the exterior wood studded walls exposed on the interior. We worked with the client to create schematic drawings and renderings that would best suit their needs for the interior space. The 8420 sq. ft. interior build-out included interior walls, electrical and internet wiring, (6) HVAC Units in the wooden roof trusses, ADA group bathrooms with showers, commercial grade carpet, and other details. Metal FRP panels were placed on the walls of the main area for easy clean up.

  • Fairfield Inn
  • Terminix
  • Towne Lake Park
  • ATA Karate Studio

The Fairfield Inn
Savannah, GA

The project began as a remodel of the cabinets in the breakfast room and the fireplace in the main lobby area. The new cabinets have a more modern, sleek design with a space created to hide the juice machine on the counter. The fireplace was built out with a beautiful cabinetry surrounding it.

The success of the remodel project led to an ongoing relationship in which Marchese Construction supplements the in-house maintainance staff. Marchese Construction repaired the soffit leaks around the hotel, which were originally thought to be an HVAC issue. They also installed the new ventilation system in the indoor pool area. Truck damage to the porte-cochere (covered drop-off area) was also completed on-time, on-budget with minimal disturbance to the guests.

Other innovative solutions by Marchese Construction included full-length custom fabricated stainless steel corner guards on the elevator door casing, and replacing constantly damaged sheet rock with finish grade plywood and then covering the plywood with wallpaper.

Pooler, GA

Marchese Construction created 5000 square feet of class A office space for their southeast operations, included training room and warehouse with a chemical storage container we moved from their other site.

Construction was fast-tracked and the clients were able to move in two weeks ahead of the schedule.

Towne Lake Park
Pooler, GA

Marchese Construction was pleased to be a part of a project that included a geothermal HVAC loop and closed cell spray foam insulation.

The 5000 square foot building included 3000 square feet of dental office and 2000 square feet of rental office.


Photo of Karate StudioATA Karate Studio

For the ATA (American Taekwondo Association) Karate Studio we performed a complete interior build-out. This entailed removing all the interior walls of the 3,200 square foot unit, relocating both rest rooms, adding additional HVAC equipment and ductwork and relocating the electrical panel. The new configuration includes a visitors gallery, Pro Shop and support offices. The work was completed on time and on budget.

From the client:

“Joe and the team at Marchese Construction were instrumental in the design and construction of our new facility. Joe was the superintendant on our original studio and when we needed more space I knew who to call. They handled it all. The design, the permitting and the construction. Our students and staff love the new space. If you are building a commercial structure in the Coastal Empire, call Joe first.”

  • Holiday Inn Express
  • Abundant Life Community Church
  • Salsarita's

Holiday Inn Express
Port Wentworth, GA

For the Holiday Inn Express in Port Wentworth, we did a complete interior remodel, including front desk, breakfast room, all public spaces, 82 guest rooms, and the port cochere (covered drop-off area).

We have been nominated for the "Renovation of the Year" award by the International Hospitality Group for this project.

From the client:

"We are confident that we chose the best commercial construction company in the Savannah area! Our guests love our 'new look' and we are all delighted by our new surroundings. We appreciate your hard work and dedication to this project. Your team should be proud." -- Lisa Ryder, Holiday Inn Express General Manager

Abundant Life Community Church
Pooler, GA

For the Abundant Life Community Church, we combined two suites, in a plaza, into an integrated functional church. The church includes a front office, sanctuary, half kitchen, restrooms, daycare, classrooms, and a gathering space. The new interior spaces were framed, drywalled, painted, and trimming applied during the construction process. A 30’ section of the firewall was removed to integrate the two suites with a 16” support beam spanning the section for support and aesthetics.

The completion of this project was on schedule with minimal delays.

Salsarita’s Fresh Cantina
Savannah, GA

In 2008, an interior remodel was done to convert an old Quizno restaurant into a Salsarita’s Fresh Cantina restaurant. The existing office space was removed for an expanded eating area. The VCT floor tiles were removed and the concrete floor underneath was stained and sealed. The kitchen was remodeled with a walk-in cooler built-in. The dropped ceiling was removed over the eating area and replaced with a floating ceiling with the ceiling structure painted black in the background.

In 2009, the restroom sinks and toilets were upgraded to be compliant with the new ADA codes.

With the bond developed over the last two years, Salsarita’s Fresh Cantina has continued to use Marchese Construction for upgrades and routine maintenance.

Florida Irrigation
Pooler, GA

Working closely with owners Fred and Dona Tannler, Marchese Construction helped design and construct a 5,600 square foot showroom and warehouse in the Westside business park.

The 2,500 square foot showroom runs from front to back with parking in the front and rear. Storefront glass and windows allow natural light to enter the showroom. The pre-engineered metal building has an expandable end wall to plan for future expansion. Canopies on the front and back keep the customers dry during inclement weather. The site work cost was optimized by sheet flowing the water utilizing the natural grade and a flume into the existing retention pond. The layout of the two roll up warehouse door allows the maximum racking in the space. Skylights were located over the aisles to minimize the use of artificial lighting during daylight hours.

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